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    St. James Deli

    looks like just enough is left to qualify as a remodel as opposed to new construction
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    i was in BJs around 2 this afternoon and people were rolling out of there with tp in nearly every cart:dork:
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    Sweetbay Restaurant in Leonardtown

    We went last night. Had the crab soup and we loved it. I had the paella and the wife had crabcakes... Both were very good. It was noisy but enjoyable. Our server, Tavia was pleasant and attentive. I'm sure we'll go back
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    Need opinions on grills

    I have an Oklahoma Joe combo gas charcoal and side box for indirect smoking. I like the charcoal taste when I have time and like burning propane when in a hurry.. I like tending to the stick burner when smoking. Pellet grills are easy bake ovens for adults.
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    Flat Broke Shooters range open

    I have been a few times and found it enjoyable with no wait time. The annual fee and monthly are reasonable. 71 degrees every day inside...
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    I have a long memory...

    This commissioner will tell you it's night when it's day. IMO he has little regard for facts or truth. His agenda is his only concern and it's not to benefit anyone other than his self. Changed his mind? Not likely.
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    Body modification enthusiast has part of ear removed in controversial procedure

    Ran into a guy(?) at the local Giant last week that had ears cut like an elf...
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    Hmmmm, victims or criminal targets?

    It was his parents that were shot at. Some dispute at an event they were attending. Words were exchanged and they left. The other group was offended and tracked them down. Twice....
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    Traffic Rant Road constrction By Harris Teeter/235 & Rt 4

    I sent an email to our county commissioners and got this back. Hello Mr. XXXXX, the County portion of the project, which is FDR Blvd, is almost completed. A left turn lane from northbound FDR Blvd at MD 4 still needs to be constructed however. The MD Route 4 portion of the roadway is...
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    5 Guys.
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    Millions of gallons of sewer water released into Jones Falls.......

    I have no point or agenda. I'm just asking two simple questions. If you would rather not answer them, it's fine.
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    Millions of gallons of sewer water released into Jones Falls.......

    How long has it been in and who maintains it for you?
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    Millions of gallons of sewer water released into Jones Falls.......

    Is it a nitrogen removing system? Can I ask how long it has been in and who maintains it for you?
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    Jessie's Kitchen

    We have been and will be going back soon. It was very good, freshly prepared food.