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    Ideas for small dog containment systems?

    Where does she go when she escapes? Besides having a large fenced yard, does she get walks and play time? Is she trying to escape because she is bored and wants to run? A recommendation for "diggers" is to get a kiddie pool and fill with sand and some dog toys. Let the dog dig to his or her...
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    Rating restaurants

    Putting apps on my phone is beyond my capability as I am technically challenged! I still miss my flip phone :lmao:
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    Rating restaurants

    As discussed on the forums several times, yelp are extortionists. If they pay them, they will post good reviews. If you don't, they will only post crappy reviews. Over and over.
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    Millennials Stink

    So, it's the new cool to have B.O.?
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    Grass Clippings

    If there isn't, there should be! Ask anyone that rides a motorcycle!
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    Rating restaurants

    Didn't you, Bann and NextJen and I meet there last year? Or the year before?! LOL
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    Rating restaurants

    Don't eat out much but it seemed like a great place to go tonight and it was my husband's first time there. We then stopped at Kingfishers to hear Ben Connelly play and had one drink. There are only a few places on Solomons that I love their food: Island Hideaway never disappoints!
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    Rating restaurants

    Why is it so difficult to go online and rate a restaurant? We ate at the Island Hideaway in Solomons and I went to rate it and have to say I HATE YELP because they are extortionists...but couldn't do anything with the site without signing up for their BS. Scroll down to trip advisor and same...
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    Iran shoots down Triton surveillance drone

    It was Global Hawk.
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    In case you ever needed another reason to avoid air travel...

    So the sticky stuff on the seat wasn't chewing gum after all?
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    Coffee II

    Got up at 6:15, did 45 minutes of animal related chores and am on my 2nd cup. It's giving me energy to go to work today :-)
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    Fenwick Street Used Books & Music

    He reported on FB a couple days ago that someone was breaking and or shooting out windows in that area and he was hit. For a small business owner, replacing windows is expensive.
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    You have No Rights, The World Is Cruel And Unfair

    This thread is boring. YAWN
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    Happy birthday, President Trump!

    Hope his day rocks :larry: