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    Bank of America......Waldorf

    Can I borrow $50?
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    Bank of America......Waldorf

    When we moved here in 2005, one of the first pieces of advice given was to never go to Waldorf at night. So I figured I really didn't want to go there during the day, either!
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    Beto O'Rourke: manchild

    I saw on TV that his posters in English say "Beto for Americans" and the Spanish version is "Beto for ALL". Both have a pic of him with a kid that looks to me like he is Hispanic with a ball cap on. I think he is an idiot and agree about his lack of maturity.
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    Thomas Johnson Shut Down

    But most accidents on the freeway have fatalities.
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    Suspected burglar crushed to death by 900-pound safe

    At least there is one less dumb a$$ thief out there!
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    Socialists don’t really believe in the socialism they peddle...

    There was someone else that I can no longer see blathering on. I don't have time for that $hit.
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    Socialists don’t really believe in the socialism they peddle...

    I doubt this is what you meant but I just put another one on "ignore."
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    Trump announces

    Well, that makes sense.
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    Trump announces

    Why should Trump be involved? You would think the airlines would have grounded them!
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    My New Granddog!! She is a cutie!!

    luvmygdaughters, she was given a bath yesterday in our dog wash and what a sweetheart she is! Your daughter and I presume grand daughter were lovely as well!
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    Curious about Ignore

    Not enough coffee! :lol:
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    Anybody else?

    Have you ever tried a Netti Pot? They sell them at the health food store in Leonardtown. Basically, you douche your sinuses out with saline. It may help you. It works for me when I am full of head snot :lol:
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    Curious about Ignore

    "the hen kitchen" is how I read this :lol: