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    Knock on Wood

    Hate to admit, that's the first thing I noticed, too!
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    2021 Hummingbird Thread

    Put my feeder out on Thurs or Fri and have had some activity :) In Lusby
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    Idiots on parade

    I don't know if this had veal. I like meatloaf with a lot of green peppers and onion and also sometimes create an indentation down the middle and fill with asiago and parmesan cheese.
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    Idiots on parade

    As I have been trying to use up all the panic covid foods in the freezers, I thawed some of Nick's meatloaf mix a couple days ago which consists of burger and pork. OMG! It is probably one of the best meatloaf's I have ever made and I would buy the mix again. Delish!
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    New To The Area

    Thank you.
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    New To The Area

    A FL friend contacted me last night asking if St Mary's college was close by. A young lady she knows is moving here to teach at the college. She stated she was a little naive (and also voted for biden!) and asked if I could help her out. I have reread this thread in an effort to offer her some...
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    School Buses

    That's messed up.
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    Police shoot and kill teenager with air soft gun in St Marys

    Wow, Gurps. Got a little anger going on today?
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    Biden Actions ... And Reactions

    Did anyone catch Joe saying twice this guy is going to be the director of "AFT?" Pathetic, senile old fart!
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    Happy Birthday, Stgislander

    Hope your day rocks :larry:
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    Maid Service in SOMD

    When my Dad was at home in hospice care, there were several aides that helped care for him and helped my step Mom around the house. One decided to go through all of Dad's medications and throw away what he wasn't using or was expired. There was a whole bottle of oxycodone that got "thrown out"...
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    Maid Service in SOMD

    I would look anyone up on MD case search before letting them in my house to clean. Before we left CA, I had a cleaning service that changed hands. Despite me telling them to not go in my pantry, I kept finding food missing and being eaten including a brand new jar of PB that had been opened. If...
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    Happy Birthday, NextJen

    Hope your day rocks :larry:
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    According to Calvert County, I cannot have chickens because I do not own enough property. I also see how much it cost my friend to build her coops and the work involved with chickens and I am happy to pay her or barter for the eggs!