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    Word "Lynching" is just fine when Leftists use it!

    Rob Reiner, Archie Bunker's son in law. No, that show wasn't the least bit racist. Who gives a flying fig what that fidiot has to say?!
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    Musical iggy list

    For me, there is a lot of music or bands I used to like but after hearing a song a bazillion times, I could go the rest of my life without hearing it ever again. Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California come to mind.
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    What's Happening at Go Green Thrift Store?

    Where is it located? I have never heard of this thrift store.
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    He’s going to relish this photo for years to come...

    Dis they double dog dare him?
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    Southern Maryland closed restaurants

    The Bugeyed Grill is opening where the Striped Rock was. The same person owns The Charles Street Brassiere.
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    Jury (!) rules against man opposed to 7 year old son's "transition"

    The world we live in gets more fu@ked up every day!
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    Musical iggy list

    Always have and always will hate anything Queen. Hubby wanted to go see the movie- told him to have a good time :lol:
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    Musical iggy list

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    Irritating Comments

    "have a good one"
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    Nasty nasty

    A rarity in our home: laid around and watched movies.
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    Irritating Comments

    "it is what it is"
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    You know you are an adult when...

    The tree company that has always taken care of our property dropped off a full truck of shredded mulch yesterday. Though I won't use it right away, I am super excited to have it :-)
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    Suzanne Somers catches 'birthday suit' nude pic backlash: 'Why would she do that?'

    SS was't that attractive to begin with. She is pretty fugly now.
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    Happy ending, or not?

    He left behind five children that will likely be supported by the taxpayers from here on out (if we weren't already supporting them)
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    Elijah Cummings - RIP

    He was very generous especially in saying he was a highly respected political leader...