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    At least 138 people are dead in Sri Lanka.

    5 were released when Obama decided to trade terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl the traitor who got 4 men killed looking for him. It's funny the Democrats had nothing to ay about that/
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    Why CNN's ratings are in the toilet

    I was sorta hoping that they are dropping in the ratings because more Americans are discovering that Trump is right. CNN is fake news.
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    So who do you think will get the Dem nomination?

    I sure hope not. But I have changed my mind on who will win the Dem primary. I said Willie Brown's ex-mistress would get it, but I undertstand Old Joe Biden has finally read a couple of polls that said he could win and has decided to give it a shot. If Joe runs he will win the primary. The...
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    At least 138 people are dead in Sri Lanka.

    That's why they are in Gitmo. they say it and mean it. We have the sources to make the Middle east glow red , but we will never really do it.
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    At least 138 people are dead in Sri Lanka.

    We stopped using the old Testament 2000 years ago and went to peace and love your neighbor. The Koran has been around almost 1400 years and it teaches slavery or death to infidels. When a mother states that she hopes her son becomes a suicide bomber there is definitely a cultural problem. When...
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    At least 138 people are dead in Sri Lanka.

    So talk as everyone might, there MUST be an underlying philosophical/theological "thought stream" that not only advocates violence, but also encourages it. It's called the Koran.
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    At least 138 people are dead in Sri Lanka.

    Danish retail billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen lost three children in the attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday, according to a spokesperson for his company. Danish media reported that Holch Povlsen was in Sri Lanka with his family on vacation. He and his wife Anne are among the biggest private...
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    Mad Max Questioning Someone's ‘Patriotism’

    I am pretty sure---certain in fact that when the role is called for patriotic citizens. maxine waters name will not be on that list.
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    ‘Criminalizing poverty’: DA says he won’t prosecute thefts under $750 ‘committed out of necessity’

    Think about it this way. What is Dallas Counties crime rate? In a little while this District Attorney will be reporting a huge drop in the crime rate of his city. He will of course take credit for this drop. And he will deserve credit because the drop will come because he doesn't prosecute...
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    Once again: NO COLLUSION

    IMO Mueller left the obstruction angle open purposely. Lets look at Mueller. and his background. Mueller was once head of the FBI. He worked with Comey, Strzok, McCabe, and was part of the Deep State. He was assigned to look for collusion and even though he belonged to this league of...
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    White Folks Your Dog is Racist

    I know just how they feel. My white neighbors dog poops in my yard too maybe I should hate him. Damn white owners dogs to hell. Dogs are eating and pooping machines. Now that we have established that white dogs poop in yards and on grass. Lets ask ourselves where do blacks take their pit bulls...
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    LIMBAUGH: Trump Is A Threat To The Constitution? Nice Try, Nancy

    Please Nancy Pelosi./ What party is trying to destroy the 2nd. Amendment and trying to do away with the Electoral College. Now say once again which party is trying to destroy the Constitution, you poor crazy senile old bat.
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    Warren Says Trump Obstructed Russia Probe, Should Be Impeached

    This is a very interesting article on Ms. Warren. It should help people to understand her lack of character and honesty in her voicing of her past. It mentions she was practicing law from her...
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    Warren Says Trump Obstructed Russia Probe, Should Be Impeached

    How can one be guilty of obstructing a probe of a crime that doesn't exist. (Collusion is no crime)_ Then when found not guilty, claim he obstructed the man who found him not guilty. Fact is this is all part of the 2020 Presidential campaign, and the House of Representatives is Democrat...