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    Trump-loving grandma outs Portland ‘bomber’ to feds — and it’s her own grandson

    How many can say they would have done this. It had to be hard for this woman to turn her Grandson in. Let's hope her thought was to save lives and keep her Grandson from committing murder.
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    The Doctor claimed there has been no correct study of the effects of HQC. Why hasn't there been. Why do they keep saying it doesn't really work when there has not been a correct study made.
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    Body cam footage of George Floyd arrest

    I am pretty sure he had been in the back of a police car before this time. He should have been used to it.
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    Black Lives Matter Shake Down In Louisville

    The thing about power is that the more you get the more you want. Blacks have been getting affirmative action jobs for years,lately they have created BLM and the Democrat party is bending over to kiss their asses. They have black colleges ,black beauty contests, a black caucus in our Congress...
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    ‘You got 2 seconds before I shoot

    These people are so stupid they have no idea or give no thought to the consequences of their actions. He murdered a person, a human being. Left and had no thoughts whatsoever for the fact that he has caused such hurt to that person and his family/. To make matters worse there are people who...
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    The Coronavirus Aftershock

    We need to drop the whole thing and get back to normal.
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    I would certainly not fear taking it., it seems to be a fairly harmless drug and if it just makes me think it helps thta is good too. It's not like it would cost me $1,000 dollars per pill.
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    Pickup trucks are deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians

    Many fancy pickups are the result of the Governments CAFE law. They figured they would force Americans to drive teeny tiny cars that wouldn't hold their families by outlawing big cars. Americans told hem to get Phucked by buying pick up trucks. When they outlaw pick ups we will buy semi's or box...
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    NY Times union calls for racial quotas in hiring and staffing, euphemistically called “equity”

    They can call it anything they like but what it is ,is hiring unqualified people because of their color.
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    Pelosi Says She Has No Confidence In Trump’s COVID-19 Coordinator Dr. Birx Because ‘She Is His Appointee’

    If trump says Aye she says Nay, It's just Nancy and her bitter hate Trump message of the day. She doesn't like the way Trump puts on his pants even though she does it the same way. Every day it;s the same old BS from her and she claims Trump is divisive.
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    Robbery prevention tip: Just let them have your stuff

    The best way is to keep out of the places these criminals target.
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    Anyone watching?

    Obama's legacy is what we are seeing in Portland and Detroit and other cities around this country.
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    DC Mayor Exempts John Lewis Funeral Attendees From City’s Quarantine Restrictions

    She is the Mayor ans she can do anything she likes. Law making bodies are no longer needed. Governors and Mayors are running the country now and the little people have to jump when they say jump.
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    Ellen: "I'm a nice person!....

    Another Rosie O'Moose comedienne.
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    Pac 12 players threaten to boycott. Play ball or pay for that scholarship you got you fricken morons. Blessed by God with athletic ability and cursed by Him for not giving them a brain.