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    See, I have the stomach for a fight

    I think she probably studied under Harvey Weinstein or Harry Cohn. I understand a lot of not so smart, but good looking "talent" studied under them.
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    See, I have the stomach for a fight

    Poor Alyssa she tries so hard to be relevant, and fails.
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    1 way to avoid the Black Friday crowds

    So here we have at least 20 people in a snatch and grab. I doubt there is anyone in this forum who know 20 people who would participate in something like this. yet in black neighborhoods it doesn't seem to be a problem finding them. Does it make me racist to say this.? We have seen this over...
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    Make Amazon Pay initiative

    Some of these people may be finding themselves out of a job.
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    Shooting in Chesapeake Va.

    The story I posted was, The daily mail, from the UK
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    Gay Club Shooter - NON Binary

    Well I read that piece and no doubt it was a family that was totally screwed up. Mow and dad, both nuts. Dad a punch drunk fighter and porn star and a mother that called dad and said her son was dead. It would have been a miracle if the son had been sane, and this BS of non-gender crap just...
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    We dint start the fire...Black Friday indeed!!

    Glad no one ever got a picture of me at Pennies, or Charlie Prices, Guy's Tavern or Carrico's. Of course none of the fights there were racist. Just good ole boys having fun.
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    "How to sound smart about politics on Thanksgiving."

    I raised my family right. Not a liberal in the bunch. My sister-in-law is a liberal, but she sticks with her liberal friends and doesn't bring that garbage to my home.
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    This is BULLSHEIT. People can riot, place police and firefighters in danger, pay a few bucks and walk? Justice was not served . The only thing that was served was that people with money can do anything they like, they just have to pay damages. This ass whole should be serving jail time at...
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    Shooting in Chesapeake Va.

    I am afraid you have a valid point.
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    Shooting in Chesapeake Va.

    That big Ford in line was one of the toughest engines ever built. Ate gas though.
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    GOOD NEWS! CBS Hacks FINALLY Admit Hunter Biden Laptop Is Legit – More Than Two Years After Gateway Pundit

    You may be right. If it is heads should roll, but WTH they should roll anyway.
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    Shooting in Chesapeake Va.

    6 or V-8 half ton or 3/4 ton
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    Randi Weingarten's Hot Takes

    Not so ridiculous at all.
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    In a perfect world Myorkis is GONE

    His mother should have swallowed him. Heard that in a movie once, Have no idea what it means, but I don't think it's a complement.