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    ABC Fails to Fact-Check Hunter Biden’s Claim of ‘Not One Cent’ from Chinese Govt. Deal

    Hell!-------------------------we all know why.
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    Move In Martha

    This is a news story big enough for the UK?
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    Happy ending, or not?

    Why did an illegal have a drivers license to revoke? This is part of the reason we have illegals, we give them benefits that belong to Americans If they are illegals they have no right to be here much less be driving around. Mostly drunk. He should have been deported when he went to the DMV...
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    Did anybody watch the debate last night?

    IMO Ron Reagan Jr. is much closer to being Frank Sinatra Jr.
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    Maryland releases draft plan for climate controls

    No we cannot stop the climate, but we can stop the Democrats and we must do it or we are done.
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    So what happened to Turkey?

    They are pouring into Europe and Europe has no idea what to do with them. Trump has the right idea what to do with them but for some reason the Democrats seem to be in denial or something. We don't need them here, and we certainly do not need them in our Government. Obama was trying to bring...
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    Did anybody watch the debate last night?

    Warren said " The rich are not like you and me. She is worth $18 million dollars. Now to me that is rich. and she is right she sure isn't like me.. But the rich are like her, just not like me.
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    AOC Travels To Europe To Cry About Global Warming. Literally.

    Well her broom is only for short flights. Sitting on a stick all the way to Europe is really uncomfortable, and no Champagne.
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    Hunter Biden is a reminder: Democrats are morally corrupt, too

    I don't believe for a minute that anyone other than Elizabeth Warren will be the Democrats candidate. Warren may not openly take money from the big donors , but she will get it through the party giving her denial while still getting the money. Warren is pretty slick.
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    So what happened to Turkey?

    Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.
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    So what happened to Turkey?

    Judge for yourself, but it may be working. Trump is usually one jump ahead of the rest.
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    He Really Does Care!

    Yup----------------I got it too. He is working hard for that minority vote. He knows who keeps him in office.
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    He Really Does Care!

    The weird thing is that he does work for the 5th. District and he is responsive when asked for help. But though he works for the 5th district, he works with the party and against the Constitution as they do.
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    I thought Threatening Someone was ALREADY Against the LAW

    There is nothing more dangerous to your reputation and good name than responding to a Journalist.
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    Crenshaw Hits Back After Democrat Lawmaker Labels Him A ‘Racist’

    Yes it is wrong, but remember who these people will vote for and you know the reason they are for illegal votes to count. Voter ID is not racist. It is incumbent to the security of the concept of voting,.