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    Oh My God these are Great
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    FEDEX driver under siege, drags looter to next delivery

    The movie "Idiocracy" is really worth watching to see where we are headed
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    Trump Is Attacked For Comparing The Coronavirus To Car Accidents. His Critics Are Completely Missing His Point.

    If Trump walked on water the media headline would read " Trump Can't Swim"
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    Lawn Tractor

    I've been very happy with my john Deere X300 from Carrolls
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    George Thorogood plays tonight! Last chance to get tickets!

    Great performer.. I think I lost part of my hearing at his concert in Sturgis So. Dakota in 1990.....but worth it
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    Atlantic Broadband issues?

    Had the tech out today. Three of the four sets in the house started losing connection in the last week. "apparently" my wires in the house went bad after 20 years. Go figure
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    Anyone used Quality Auto Body?

    I had them do my repair after a guy turned in front of me and took my right front fender out. Did a great job and fast with good communication throughout the repair. Would recommend them highly.
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    VA Water and Septic Inspection

    All in One Home Inspections 301-373-6430
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    GOP 'playing chicken' with the economy.....

    Why do we need Planned Parenthood when we have ObamaCare?
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    Islamic State truck bombing at Baghdad market kills 67

    Simply Cannot Understand I guess I'll never understand what makes people, especially younger people, join an organization that kills innocent people.
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    Money flowing for Egypt again

    Why do we continue to borrow money from China to give to Egypt. Mind boggling..
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    Watched Jack Reacher last night

    Love the Jack Reacher series
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    The Redskins Name Solution

    Love it. But how long before the Potato Police show up.
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    lawn mower repair by the Amish

    Dave's in Loveville behind the Post Office does great work. Worth the trip just to look around. Amazing.