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  • KingFish, Saw your post on getting footings, foundation and slab installed and that is what I do for a living. Licensed, insured builder in St. Marys County for over 20 years.....because of the size of the structure (>300 sq. ft.) and because you are installing a permanent foundation, you will need a permit for the project. If you would like another bid, call my office at 301-373-2109 and set up an appointment for us to take a look at the project. Sounds pretty straight forward, and the bid you have right now may be a little high unless htere are some other circumstances (i.e. steep slope, difficult to access, etc.)...thanks!!! Tom
    Saw your post on rebuilding transmissions. Sure would appreciate getting the number for the guy that did yours. I have a Dodge 46RE that just gave up after 150K miles. Feel pretty lucky it lasted this long but don't have $3K for a pull and replace. I can pull it and put it back in, just been 30 years since I rebuilt an automatic and need the truck running right away to get to work. Thanks, Tom
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