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    Biden's America - Bare Shelves Biden

    If I may ... I wonder if long haul driver's, or other all day truck drivers, wear compression socks for the amount of time they are sitting to prevent DVT?
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    Politics of Covid 19 Vaccines

    If I may ... Some of the post vaccine adverse reactions that these studies describe include: Fatal cerebral haemorrhage Venous thrombosis Immune thrombocytopenic purpura Myocarditis Pericarditis Myopericarditis Death Guillain-Barré syndrome Acute venous thromboembolism Lymphadenopathy Acute...
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    M&M's Getting Inclusive

    If I may ... Mars, Inc., $40 Billion in sales, and makers of M&M's. One of the largest privately held corporations, so they are not kowtowing to shareholders at least. However, one must question why they would enter into the wokeness arena.
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    Is There Any Recourse Against MVA?

    If I may ... Well, one could follow the Amish mode of transportation and bypass the MVA altogether. Or, saddle up that 'ole stead and ride into town for what's needed. Plus it has great benefits. It causes one to slow down, see more of what you are passing by. Being more one with nature. Making...
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    If it were up to me they'd all be in a federal prison

    If I may ... Hemp for Victory!
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    Politics of Covid 19 Vaccines

    If I may ... It appears the "vaccine", [Pfizer] (actually a medical device as defined by the FDA itself), was only, and specifically, authorized to "prevent" COVID, not to lessen the symptoms or reduce severity of illness, hospitalizations, and/or death, (which would then be classified instead...
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    Maryland misses out again

    If I may ... Maybe they could have built it on all the preserved land in one of Maryland's counties?
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    A Mechanics Position Just Opened Up!

    If I may ... That, is what liability insurance is for.
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    Why are people flocking to get tested for covid?

    If I may ... Just think. If people went to get tested as often, or on a whim, for syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia, or hepatitis B-C, etc., the rate of these diseases, and more, would be practically zero. Think about it. With syphilis it can take up to 90 days for just a sore to appear, and if...
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    Covid precautions we want to keep forever

    If I may ... This is me, and the reason I don't get sick.
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    I FINALLY know someone personally in the hospital because of covid

    If I may ... She has preexisting conditions now. The "vaccines" gave her preexisting conditions. She just didn't know it.
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    White Supremacists Wanted, Immediate Openings, Applicants Need Not Be White

    If I may ... I've checked all the local bulletin boards at grocery stores and such, and no flyers for any meeting locations, or dates to meet, with any local White supremacists groups. If there are any around here, they sure do a good job of keeping their existence a secret. Maybe they have a...
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    Ah Yes - Prosecution over OPINION

    If I may ... Funny. Last I heard, even in the State of New York, one cannot be compelled, or forced, to testify against oneself. Aka, taking the 5th.
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    Dr. Fauci's contemporary summonsing the Gods for advice

    If I may ... I always thought when hearing this on the radio he was saying, "I'ma say on the side of my mouth this time". :roflmao:
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    101 Days

    If I may ... If a tree fell in the forest and no one was around to hear it, did Biden fart?