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    Should children be physically punished?

    ABSOLUTELY It teaches repercussion (which is something no one understands nowadays) and teaches kids that they are not "entitled". Something our nation has no clue about. My siblings and I were all spanked/disciplined depending on the act. (Never beaten) AND we deserved it. Our country is FULL...
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    Adopt from a Rescue, make room to save more...

    Every dog we've adopted thru animal shelters have been the best behaved, healthiest and live longer. I love my muts; they are so grateful to us. Its very true how we saved each other.
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    Social media

    I think people are starting to "get" that even if your set to private; people can still stalk and know how to work around things. Nobody's information is private when your public.
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    Has anyone had any experiences with Dr. Nnamdi Davis?

    Yes and I think he's great!! He even drew me pictures too :0) Very highly recommended
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    First time foster

    :killingme Don't I wish...
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    Incense sticks?

    As a matter of fact we do carry a small amount of them in various scents. If there's any in particular you're looking for; let us know.
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    We have looked into making it at Gramas Cupboard but there are allot of steps to making it and you really have to keep each step in check or it can all be wasted in the blink of an eye. Bottom line is it's really valuable but allot of work. :howdy:
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    Opinions for Dr. Jean-Marc Voyadzis

    Dr. V. Did my double cervical fusion about 3 years ago and all is great. Screws, plates and cadaver bones are all perfect. Keep in mind that after any kind of spinal surgery it doesn't mean you can go back and bounce around like you used to (roller coaster etc). You still need to take care of...
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    Yard sale? Really.

    They are completely legit and the refreshments are done by the kids.
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    Gramas Cupboard Open House/Grand Opening

    Thank You Thank you to everybody that came out to support us. We had a phenomenal time meeting and talking with everyone. I even learned a few more ideas and remedies to bring into the shop. Thank you again to the Chamber of Commerce for taking time away from your personal lives to...
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    Gramas Cupboard Open House/Grand Opening

    I know :0) But yes, Grandma was taken and we always called my Gramdma Grama & Grampa. Since it's about passed down traditions, I wanted to recognize those who've inspired my shop. I understand CDO too....that's OCD in alphabetical order. LOL :drummer: :buddies:
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    Equine massage?

    Yes absolutely Go for it. There is definitely a need for it. We've even gotten requests for it even tho we can't do it... :0( :howdy::howdy:
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    Where were you last night? We'll have to meet for beer and wings the 4 of us.

    Where were you last night? We'll have to meet for beer and wings the 4 of us.
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    Grid Iron This Friday?

    All I can say is... Pansy Pansy Pansy Re: hot wings Shoulda ate ice cream after the wings We had a great time y'all, thank you.
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    Grid Iron This Friday?

    I may bring 1 more. So hubby, myself and coworker. If I can make the long walk across the parking lot. Lol