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    Happy Birthday! :party:
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    Michael Cohen written statement.

    Feels like a Sopranos episode, I keep waiting for Christopher or Paulie Walnuts to show up. :lmao:
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    Michael Cohen written statement.

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    So...what are you reading lately?

    I purchased Sean Spicer's book, but put it up over the holidays as to not trigger my more liberal family members over the holidays. Evidently I've hidden it from myself because I can't find it anywhere. :lol:
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    Here's the news site I'm liking now

    True, my first instinct is to see if they're run by a lobbyist group or some DC "think tank", but this one looks pretty legit.
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    Private forums

    :howdy::huggy: After this weekend I think I need a break from Facebook :lalala: I'm getting sick of my own family, so I thought I'd see what was going on in here. :lol: Plus, I'm furloughed and need some social interaction. :ohwell:
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    Private forums

    Mine is :dead:, but can it be archived somehow?
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    Exciting news! Forum upgrade!

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    This is such :bs:

    Your suggestions are good, you just need to work on the delivery. :lol: Fresh lemon juice with warm water first thing in the a.m. does wonders to alkaline the stomach. I'm currently working on why my thyroid is enlarged...low iodine? too much iron? :shrug: My GP did bloodwork, sent me...
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    Sad news.

    RIP BCP :frown:
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    I have a disturbing confession

    I :heart: Gutfeld. His drunk tweets are pretty great too.
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    Virginia speeding ticket

    I saw my "new" age on a document today and it startled me :lol: Heading to Bonefish tonight with friends, wish you (and company) would be there. That was a fun night!
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    Virginia speeding ticket

    Heading down Friday for graduation and moving him back to MD for GOOD! :yahoo::yahoo: He's on is own after that! :lol:
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    Virginia speeding ticket

    $500 for a lawyer, what a racket :rolleyes: $200 and some change for fines and court fees and I had to write a character reference which is difficult to do when you're mad at the person. :lol: Not sure if our insurance will go up too. :ohwell:
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    Generation Duh

    He is kind of dreamy. Her show MOM is one of the best things on television, hysterical. :lol: