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    Brendan Fraser - The Whale

    I've always liked Brendan Fraser.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    My mom used to make the costumes for the girls at The Office. Should I see if she can still do that?
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    what song are you listening to?

    Grandson knows all the words. I had to explain what mistletoe is.
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    SMOW this weekend ? !

    Son in Montana already tired of snow this year, and they aint seen nothing yet! Hes hoping it sends all those Californians back to California.
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    Don't even get me started on bad weather. I don't want my mail sitting in my roadside mailbox during a snow storm, have a plow smack it and send my mail everywhere. And my box is not weatherproof enough for a near-hurricane. They start calling for rough weather, I follow their instructions, go...
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    Try zip code+box number, adding 0's at the beginning of the box # to equal 4 digits. 20686-0001 for PO Box 1. Supposed to be universally accepted.
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    I spent years telling my customers that I would not always be there, and they needed to fix addresses. Some listened, some didn't.
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    PO Box---- Physical Address City, state, zip Only works if physical address is in the same city as the PO Box.
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    And the parents that would insist on sending Little Johnny at college a package Media Mail, after telling me what was in the box. I'd say it one time, "That doesn't qualify, you have to use Parcel Post", they'd argue, I'd shrug and do it. They'd pay $12 for a package that should have been $48...
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    I'm not sure that opening this would have been considered "legal". But again, could have been opened anywhere along the way. Had a customer that bought gold and silver, always came marked "machine parts". He got a big kick out of opening it and showing me what it REALLY was.
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    The only boxes we used to be able to open were packages sent Media Mail that we suspected were not media. I opened a few when I worked at the office that served St Marys College. If it rattled, sent media, yup. Silverware, frisbees, clothes, pillows. When the kid had to pay the difference in...
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    This used to be a good thing. An envelope for Mr Gilligan with no address? Oh, his great aunt just died and he will be getting sympathy cards, just put it in his box. These days, not so much. Return to Sender! We used to know A LOT about y'all, and we mostly kept our mouths shut. Wife opens...
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    Politics of Covid 19 Vaccines

    If I didn't pass out every time I've tried to give blood, I'd do this.
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    Gay Club Shooter - NON Binary

    OMG, I seriously thought this was real until I scrolled down and saw BB......