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    Haulover Beach in Florida

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    What is everyone doing in this heat?

    Just ran out and picked cucumbers and tomatoes for dinner. There is NOTHING like a ripe tomato hot from the garden!
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    THIS is why I order from Amazon!

    Well, hell. I'd have driven to Ridge if I'd known you had them. I wanted a 9 ft, when I saw 11ft on Amazon that's what I went with. What time do you open tomorrow?
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    THIS is why I order from Amazon!

    And I forgot about the near accidents. Good Lordy, everyone out there yesterday was in a hurry to get home to the AC and paying zero attention to what they were doing in those parking lots!
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    THIS is why I order from Amazon!

    The storm on Wednesday evening took out the last of my patio umbrellas. Yesterday at 1130am I headed into LPCity to purchase a new one. After almost 3 hrs, 4 stores, and near heat stroke, I headed back home with no umbrella. Once I had downed 3 glasses of ice water and my internal body temp...
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    What is everyone doing in this heat?

    Not cutting the grass.
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    Puerto Ricos Chaos

    You should put up a poll here.
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    St. Mary's Co. Coherent Technical Services, Inc. Expanding Manufacturing Operations in St. Mary's Co.

    Sure is. Maybe they'll put in enough security to start returning the *demographics of that area back to what it was 50 yrs ago. *and those demographics would be safe, affordable housing for anyone looking to advance their position in life *(explained in advance for those who would take...
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    It's maddening

    Shouldn't they have a three strike rule? This idiot shouldn't be able to bring this up again.
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    I Hear Thunder

    .10 rain, blowing horizontal.
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    I Hear Thunder

    I'd say, wind was blowing like crazy, we also had a tree snap off.
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    Garden Spider

    This gal must be catching plenty of bugs, she's getting big. Love these spiders!
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    SM City still in business?

    Wasn't a lack of business problem...
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    Summertime, and the eating is FINE!
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    I've had a couple people tell me its very good, wanna try it. What market did you get it from? Hopefully someone will rename it, just doesn't sound appetizing.