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    You know you are an adult when...

    When an ice cube falls on the floor, you pick it up instead of kicking it under the fridge.....
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    This man is my hero.

    Hahaha to the typos....looks like when I try to type without my glasses!
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    Musical iggy list

    Worked with a gentleman who brought his Sirius radio to work. We took turns choosing channels. When my channel was on, I was allowed 2 America songs, then it had to be changed. He'd sit at his desk and holler out "One!". The first strum of a Bread song and it had to be changed. Oh, and if I...
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    Makes me want to go see this.
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    Nasty nasty

    2.75" rain as of right now just north of Spring Ridge middle My garden is singing!!!
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    I'll Apologize Now....

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    Suzanne Somers catches 'birthday suit' nude pic backlash: 'Why would she do that?'

    I sure wish my knees would allow me to squat like that.....just because.
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    Sporcle It's time to play "Bad Analogies"

    75% Not too bad
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    California to legalize eating roadkill

    OK, here's a story about eating too much roadkill ---- Had a cat show up at the house, we started feeding him and named him Charlie Hobo. My children were 10, 8, & 3 yrs old. Charlie was missing, couldn't find him anywhere. Dad took the boys Christmas shopping. As he was turning into our...
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    Member Name

    Not enough commas....
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    Fall/Winter Dinners

    For company, this Marinade overnight, throw it in the pan and let it cook while you gather with friends. Smells incredible, tastes even better. Serve with lots of French bread for sopping up all the deliciousness. The prunes do end...
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    Fall/Winter Dinners

    This. OMG, this is my absolute favorite. Make sure you use smoked paprika. So, SOOOOOO GOOD!
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    Who's off work today?

    Now the kids are off but teachers have to go in, they hold parent teacher conferences. Used to be my favorite holiday, too!
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    Nekked Man

    I always tell DH to put some clothes on before he answers the door....from today's Enterprise....
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    I've subscribed to many magazines over the years. Right now, Garden & Guns and Food Network Magazine. Did You Know? If you have a county library card, you have access to all the magazines the library subscribes to, FREE!