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    Is this going to be a thing?

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    Happy birthday, GWguy!

    Happy Birthday!:bday:
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    Activated charcoal toothpaste!

    Baking Soda is great for whitening teeth. Wet the toothbrush, and dip in a little bit of the soda, and your teeth are whiter. It's very cheap too.
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    First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in DC

    No experience with mushrooms, but this is an old thread. 2013.
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    anybody know what happened in So Calvert?

    I think it was an explosion of a house due to gas line break. Not 100% sure.
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    Please leave your dog home

    If it was a "TRUE" Service dog, their human wouldn't let you pet it. They would say, "No, s/he is working".
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    ISO Recommendations Family Doctor

    Doctor's don't make the money they used to because of these so called insurances. They now double-book their patients, and are aloted 5 minutes for simple stuff, and only 10 minutes for physicals to include well woman exams. It's a "Treat them, and street them" kind of practice now.
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    Bereavement groups

    You can also check with your local health department.
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    Weis in Lusby

    It's amazing how rumors get started. There was no stabbing during this incident. A woman attacked an employee, but it was just hitting. No weapons involved.
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    Weis in Lusby

    I noticed this yesterday when I was there. Giant in Lusby has security too.
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    Traffic Rant Clements traffic circle

    Or he might have had a medical emergency. I hope everyone is OK.
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Jerry Van Dyke. R.I.P.
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    Missing Golden Retreiver/female

    You beat me to it! She was found yesterday without a mark on her. Thank you everyone that helped with her safe return.
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    Missing Golden Retreiver/female

    Yes, that is lady! They still haven't found her. She's not familiar with the area.