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    Burchmart in Hollywood.
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    Fred's Outdoors Was Robbed

    Maybe they took the lower receiver of a rifle. It is not a complete firearm.
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    Fred's Outdoors Was Robbed

    Here's the link:
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    Grow a Pair! First Victim of the Tattletale Hotline?

    Done and shared on Facebook.
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    Parler Gone

    I was able to access it using my Kindle, but not on my phone.
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    Was wondering why they singled it out on tax forms last year: Not looking for a reason for my return to face closer scrutiny...
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    Over the counter dry spot cream?

    I use Gold Bond Ultimate. Also Bio-oil and Eucerin Skin Calming Cream when it is so dry it hurts.
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    Netflix - The Social Dilemma

    The documentary talks about social media tech companies and how the business model based on big money advertising has morphed into outright manipulation of the general public. I knew that they were data mining but had no clue what lengths they will go to in order to get you to behave a certain...
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    Netflix - The Social Dilemma

    Seriously disturbing.
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    Psychologist that deals with teenager issues (Calvert)

    Not a psychologist, but look up Mindy Krupp. Her office is in Solomon's, same building as the CD Cafe.
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    Maryland Homeowners Property Tax Credit

    If you recently retired or your income was reduced by COVID, you might be able to take advantage of the homeowners property tax credit program. The link to the website with more information is below. There are some restrictions. Since it is based on gross income, you would probably have to...
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    What Do You Watch?

    Netflix - Connected series. Can someone watch the Digits episode and explain Benford's Law?
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    PITA Morning.

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Could it be chiggars? If it were fleas, you would probably see some sign of them.
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    Toilet Paper

    Assuming I couldn't get ahold of tissues, napkins or paper towels, I told hubby that I would use coffee filters or shop towels if I had to!!