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    No truck nuts?
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    Banning open carry

    I think the Democrats primary official agenda the last several years had been: Constitution-schmonstitution.
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    Saint Mary's Landing

    They really hate it when you duck under the sneeze guard too smell the food up close. They get all bitchy. Last time I went in there they were all.... sir you can't put your head under the soft serve ice cream and pour it right into your mouth like that.
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    Banning open carry

    You are?
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    Buttigieg: If You Eat Meat Or Use Straws, You Are ‘Part Of The Problem’

    Run on that platform! Tell is how evil meat and straws are. Tell us how you're going to ban meat and straws. That will surely win you a ticket straight to the white house. You go anti-meat Pete!
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    Leftists say if you ban Abortions People will get them illegally

    Does anyone else see it? Or is it just me?
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    Trump continues to claim Dorian could have hit Alabama using falsified map

    Although I'm not wriggling around, obsessing and flagellating myself over this .... this is the kind of crap that keeps me from joining Team-MAGA. He pops off at the mouth without knowing anything about a subject and then when he's corrected instead of manning up and saying ok ... he doubles...
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    Social conformity

    I heard about a similar, less humane, version of this experiment with monkeys. They put 5 monkeys in a cage. Then they hung a banana off the top and put in a small ladder to reach it. So naturally one of the monkeys went for it and the scientists turned on the sprinklers until the monkey...
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    Do you think maybe he's just senile?

    Are you ****ing kidding me right now?
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    Hello, Hawaii

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    I think it would be awesome if Greenland becomes a state before Puerto Rico.
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    Poor Fredo Cuomo

    Ethnic? Italians are Europeans. I.e. white. I.e. fair game **** that wop bastard if he doesn't like it. I can say that cause I'm of European descent
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    Epstein killed himself

    That's not the most naive thing I've ever read her. But it's close.
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    Mass tarantula migration expected to crawl through Colorado

    Did I just actually see a glimmer of a sense if humor there? Nice.
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    Cummings: 'His District Is a Disgusting, Rat and Rodent Infested Mess'

    My grandfather died when I was 13. He smoked for years and years despite the constant begging of his children, my mother and her siblings, to quit before it was too late. Finally they convinced him and he quit. But as it happens the intervention was successful too late. Less than a year after he...