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    Guns like the AR-15 aren’t used for hunting

    The only thing that could have made that better is if she was holding the mic, then dropped it on the floor when she finished talking.
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    Guns like the AR-15 aren’t used for hunting

    The second amendment wasn't written for hunting nor protecting yourself from home invasion. It was written so we can protect ourselves from these people:
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    AOC - Not So Popular

    The candle that burns brightest, burns fastest. Although I find it hard to believe that 41% of any sample group would be unfamiliar with her - she gets almost as much press as Trump.
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    House Leadership Is Looking Flakey

    I can attest with painful certainty that you are not always successful. :whistle: Yeah - just saying a substantive refutation is not necessarily a negation - and is quite often simply out-debating someone. Some are better than others at debates. The winner of a debate is not always correct...
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    House Leadership Is Looking Flakey

    Anything can be torn apart. I could tear apart your use of the term "tear apart" if I was remotely interested in doing so. Picking nits is not something that's new or interesting, yet it's done all the time. Trump said "rapists and murderers are coming across the border". To this day people...
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    House Leadership Is Looking Flakey

    Actually that's not true at all. You are a competent debater. The fact that you can debate well, and pick apart arguments and win an argument does not Make you right Make the opposing arguments wrong or unreasonable. It simply means you're able to win arguments or outlast someone who don't...
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    House Leadership Is Looking Flakey

    Oh I see... so the unethical part is the "campaign contribution", not the "foreign involvement in our election processes". My bad.
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    Joe Biden Said Amazon Doesn't Pay Enough Taxes. Amazon Wasn't Having It.

    Sport a contentious and hostile demeanor towards each other in public. So no one questions the ball-fondling, tongue-in-mouth relationship in private. And yes, I'm totally trying to project the image of Jeff Bezos and Joe Biden french-kissing and heavy petting each other wearing bathrobes...
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    House Leadership Is Looking Flakey

    I was appalled and disturbed by this admission by the president, regardless of legal implications, the ethical lapse is blindingly clear, and I would hope for better from any executive. I sure as hell, didn't need Nancy ****ing Pelosi to tell me what to feel, though. But what has yet to be...
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    What is it with these freaking womyn?

    Gurps isn't a group of people. And he's the only one I saw say this. From what I know about Gurps, I'm not sure that "too many goals" is what he's talking about. Although I guess it's possible - I don't know what else it means... but, I dunno. Still, I'd double check before I made some...
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    Michael Avenatti is sued for allegedly siphoning paraplegic's $4 million settlement

    Almost every (real) person that I know - liberals and conservatives and everyone in between - could tell, just by looking at him, that he was a turbo-charged douche rocket, the likes of which few of us had ever seen.
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    Virginia's Governor calls for gun control after shooting.

    I love this avatar and screen name, and poster's over all style.
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    Biden Cures Cancer!

    This too.
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    Biden Cures Cancer!

    Conspiracy alert: There's already a cure for cancer. The Illuminati are keeping it under wraps because there's so much money in pharmaceuticals and oncology therapies - but they've decided to sacrifice this for the sake of getting one of their own puppets back into power. You heard it here...