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    Are you an old fart too?

    ^^ that ^^ I've got a friend as well....
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    35 Workplace Behaviors That People Say Are Actually Toxic

    I was thinking more Hákarl - but both are on the same scale I'm guessing.
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    Homeowner Insurance Premiums

    Wow - mine took a huge jump! I've got what is called inflation protection on my policy so the replacement cost of my house changes each year based on inflation. As you guessed, it increased significantly this year - 21%! Which means my premium also increased about $600 annually or 29%! I...
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    Rail union strike would create a ‘crippling’ economy, industry official warns

    So is he involved or isn’t he? Inquiring minds may never know.
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    They ALWAYS come back for more!

    A growing economy, a media that doesn’t push its liberal agenda on the masses, and a government that removes its boot from our necks. I think people in general are just frustrated that we have lost so much over the last decade, but especially since the rona and the restrictions our government...
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    News About Twitter

    "Any unmoderated forum will inevitably become right wing" This makes sense - I think we can see it right here on these forums. Thx vrai for being light on the moderation and letting all views heard.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Love it!
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    Its a month or so early, but

    Not so sure about that if LR is correct about the financial future of this country heading into next year...
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    Don't Look at Your Portfolio!

    FWIW, my little ole hardware store data is as follows: Jan thru Oct 2022 - sales "only" down about 1% compared to last year. (take inflation into account and we are down even more) So far in November, sales are down 10%! I'm anxious to compare this coming weekend to last year. I...
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    Politics of Covid 19 Vaccines

    Same here - no vax and no rona for me or my daughter. But other relations I know vaxxed and boosted and rona x2.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    That one is still in the icebox settin up. Should be ready about midnight...
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Apple pie just came out of the oven - I think I have to taste it this evening before serving tomorrow. Chocolate pie was done earlier.
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    Politics of Covid 19 Vaccines

    And then there's Whoopi who is vaxxed to the max and tested positive again with this round being worst than the last! "Now that suggestion set – people’s heads exploded from outrage," Goldberg said. "A lot of conservatives who posted about how much they hate Dr. Fauci that they would rather...
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    Politics of The Mask

    haha fat chance I'm gonna wear one. Still can't believe local hospitals/dr offices/urgent cares are still requiring them with the information and research we now have showing they don't work in slowing or stopping infection.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Just found out I’m not having turkey on turkey day. My wife refused to buy the $75 butterball. She bought the $12 chicken instead.