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    Wouldn't That Be Slavery - Do You Really Want To FORCE Someone to Work For You ?

    They wouldn't be forced to work for the old hospital. They would have been barred from working at the new hospital. Even if the TRO became final, I'd not return to the old hospital after they pulled that crap.
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    Thread for Parade of Hypocrites

    Since military housing went privatized, it is possible for civilians to rent military housing on bases with too many unoccupied units.
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    YouTube Videos

    No problem. My rule of thumb is, if something stops working under normal circumstances and work in privacy mode, the cookies are jacked up. Clearing them is usually all that is needed.
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    YouTube Videos

    Clear cookies
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    $500 Starlink for only $2200 a pop!!!

    If you look at it just on the hardware side, yes, this is too much. But the service isn't free. Currently it's $99/month. So if you consider both hardware and service, $200k for 100 clients yields approx. 12-18 months of service.
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    Can't make this stuff up? She did!

    I'm not fat. I just need a bigger body for my weight.
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    FDR Boulevard Extension Set To Open

    How about The Magic Roundabout in Swindon, UK?
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    More Humor...

    yo quiero Taco Bell!
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    More Humor...

    Check this out: So I get home earlier,, and my dog is laying on the back porch covered in mud and has a rabbit in her mouth. She's not bloody or anything, just really dirty. She's just holding the rabbit and it's not moving. Now, my neighbors raise rabbits for 4H or something. They have a...
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    NRA starts Austerity measures after dip in Donations and Membership

    Yep. The NRA occasionally offers Life membership (including the different levels of SuperLife membership) at a deep discount - up to 75% off. I'm willing to bet that although the amount collected from Dues went down, actual membership rose.
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    Harmless Firearm Collector Arrested...

    They seem to have done a 180 since April 19, 1775.
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    More confirmtation

    The D's would have done the same thing. Anything to oppose Trump.
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    This synopsis to funny not to post. Name this movie...

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
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    Stay off of my lawn or ***ZAP***

    Zap-a-dee-doo-dah, zap-a-dee-ay My, oh, my, what a zaperful day
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    For those who still think Google isn't biased Left

    Yep. Google uses data from wiki in some search results. If you go to the CRP wiki page, you can see the edits of the past few weeks where "nazism" is added and removed.