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    Cell phone providers

    I switched from VZW to StraightTalk in 2016, and I have had zero complaints. In fact, I have raved about the positive experience it has been until recently. I’ll spare everyone the boring details, but I am having an issue and I simply can’t get it resolved after trying for more than a month...
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    Pfizer Covid Shots

    Thanks, RR! I sure hope it doesn’t happen for anyone else! I wasn’t able to get the second one, and after the reaction I had, I am perfectly ok with that! Btw, it was Pfizer brand. I forgot to mention that.
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    Pfizer Covid Shots

    I had a reaction to my first vaccination, and have tried to keep quiet about it because I didn’t want to cause unnecessary thoughts for those who do get their vaccinations. I have never before had an anaphylactic reaction to anything at all, and this was my first! I’m very disappointed and...
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    ummmm Ladies???

    Gross... Just gross! When I see long fingernails, my germophobia kicks in. Nicely manicured nails are nice, but long claws are 🤮 I have so many questions! How could you possibly clean your butt after going potty, without getting it on your nails? How do you clean them? What about all the germs...
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    SUP and kayaking

    Not sure about a rescue, but she’s definitely ready to serve better purpose than sitting in the barn.
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    SUP and kayaking

    I’m considering purchasing an inflatable SUP and wondering if anyone here has experience with extended activities on a paddle board, such as yoga and fishing. I plan to only use this in quiet creeks, not the river or bay. @vraiblonde , I believe you previously mentioned you have an inflatable...
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    vraiblonde, I do like a random trip to somewhere new🤔 How’s the hiking there in Texas? No mountains, huh?
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    I need some help finding breakfast tacos please! I’m not much on Cracker Barrel, though. Are the Mexican restaurants open early enough for breakfast? Does Abell’s Diner serve them?
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    I had an indoor cat who mysteriously got fleas. I think my friend’s purse or clothing must have carried them in. I was seriously concerned about using a natural remedy and I tried everything, including vacuuming a couple times a day and using flea shampoo on my rugs and upholstery (luckily my...
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    Lightning Bugs

    It’s been too rainy, windy or cool on most days at my home, and I hadn’t seen a single firefly until last evening. It was a warm, calm evening and they finally showed up:)
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    I found the most amazing thing at Whole Foods!

    If you’re happy, then I’m happy. Did you jump for joy? Do you react the same over some seriously cute socks at Christmastime? Asking for a friend.
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    Boat mechanic

    Thanks, guys! :oldman:
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    Boat mechanic

    Any recommendations for a reasonable mechanic who can work on an outboard motor for me?
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    Calvert Co. Bathroom remodel

    Parrans Flooring in Leonardtown. I had my tub surround removed and a tile walk in shower put in it’s place with a guard in case it ever leaked. They did better than I hoped or expected. It was expensive but was worth it. All I had to do was clean up a little dust and touch up the paint on my...
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    My neighbor probably has time for more “clients”