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  1. JosephIV

    Hollyrock Diesel Douchebags - step in

    This weekend I witnessed some prime douchebaggery on route 235. A green GMC Duramax diesel with an exhaust stack through the bed and large Hollyrock Diesel decal on the back glass decided to do a brake stand burnout at the light by Chaney Enterprises. This douche was nice enough to fill the...
  2. Disney4845

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    If you are interested in keeping up with new things coming to the area please visit our blog and like our Facebook page. We also try to post when these new businesses begin hiring. I will also try to post new businesses here when I have time. Go to the...
  3. L

    Jennifer @Red Robin

    Today at RR, a lady who was eating with her daughter, evidently 'noticed' a man eating with his two daughters. As he was leaving she stopped him, told him he dropped something, and passed him a sugar packet with her name and phone number. So that there are no hard feelings, I am here to say...
  4. Clem_Shady

    Richard Fritz: 1964 - Year of the Gang Rape

    "The following is the transcript of the ABC News program 20/20 which aired on Jan. 19th, 2000 featuring the saga of State's Attorney Richard Fritz and the election day story that appeared on our front page revealing that he and 2 others pled guilty to the rape of Carla Henning Bailey in 1964...
  5. Geek

    Diva Cup

    Anyone use this? FYI boys..This is a period thread.
  6. JabbaJawz

    If You Dare...Revised

    Lookie Here you Pain in the Arses! I think I caught them all. Some that were near the beginning I couldn't see, and was unable to include.
  7. vraiblonde

    By popular demand: The Feral Cat Thread; circa 1996-2001

    Rich: Have a feral cat that's been hanging around my house crying for the past month. Think he wants a shot at my (spayed) indoor/outdoor female cat. But he won't let me near him (nor will my cat let him near her!). Last week he managed to figure out the cat door which leads to my screened-in...