‘Twitter Files’


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One, Nada Bakos, signed the now-infamous letter that declared without analysis that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. We know that is false, and these so-called intelligence officials lied to prevent Trump from clinching a second term. Her face was on the front page of The New York Post. Ms. Morris was an editor and reporter for that publication at the time, being the first to write about the laptop's content, which earned the Post a suspension on all its platforms that lasted for days. A Substack reporter, Texas Lindsey, had a lengthy Twitter thread about Ms. Bakos’ past. Lindsey added there are three questions concerning Bako's Twitter employment:

Did she play a role in Twitter’s decision [to] censor the NYPost story?
What led to her getting a job moderating policy/content at Twitter?
Why did she try [to] hide her job/role at Twitter from the public?

She tried to hide her intelligence background while working for Twitter before her departure in 2022. The Daily Caller added that once Musk took over the company, he fired everyone associated with the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story (via Daily Caller):

Former CIA agent Nada Bakos, one of 51 ex-intelligence officials who signed a false letter in an attempt to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop archive, tried to hide her subsequent work for Twitter, according to the latest “Twitter Files” documents.
Bakos worked for Twitter’s policy team in March 2022 when her picture appeared on the New York Post’s cover exposing the signatories of an Oct. 2020 letter asserting, without evidence, that the Hunter Biden laptop archive was a “Russian information operation.”
Hi All – I wanted to make you aware of the NYPost cover that I was ‘featured’ on related to the Oct 2020 story about Hunter Biden’s emails when he was on the Board of the Ukrainian Gas company, Burisma and a letter signed by 100s of former IC officials,” Bakos said in an internal email first obtained by substack journalist Texas Lindsay. Her email signature says she was a senior policy domain specialist for site integrity.
“(Twitter also banned the NYPost for the story at the time). Given my Policy role (and currently doing enforcement) across CHA-O, I didn’t want this to come as a surprise. I don’t/haven’t publicly acknowledged working for Twitter and locked down my Linkedin. My mentions are a mess, of course,” she added.
“If you have suggestions or anything I need to do, please let me know. I have no plans to respond/make a statement or acknowledge the piece. Nada,” she concluded. Bakos left Twitter in Nov. 2022 and her Twitter profile is locked. Her LinkedIn account is also set to private.
Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has sent Bakos multiple letters requesting more information and documents related to her decision to sign the letter. Bakos has not responded to Jordan’s inquiries, according to the New York Post. Bakos could not be reached for comment.

And it’s not just social media companies. Scores of former intelligence community officials have penned major media deals or contributor contracts in which they peddle disinformation daily to protect Joe Biden. While it could be argued that those who whine for a few minutes on a CNN segment are less impactful than those behind the scenes in the front offices suppressing free speech, those who participate in these campaigns are equally annoying and unpatriotic.