“We are doing this for the Christmas season"


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“We are doing this for the Christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. consumers. So far they’ve had virtually none. The only impact has been that we’ve collected almost $60 billion from China, compliments of China. But just in case they might have an impact on people, what we’ve done is we’ve delayed it so they won’t be relevant for the Christmas shopping season,” Trump told reporters before he flew to western Pennsylvania.
Trump finally acknowledges his tariffs could hit consumers


What a total buffoon!!!


The Great Negotiator!!!

Here is how CNBC is reporting the story:

Trump just blinked, giving China a possible edge in trade war, Jim Chanos and others say
Key Points
  • Some influential voices on Wall Street are saying Trump blinked in the latest exchange with China and showed just how much pain the U.S. could tolerate. China may use that to its advantage.
  • “Tell me why Xi should not continue to wait out The World’s Greatest Negotiator, who keeps ‘dealing’ with himself?” says Jim Chanos, founder and managing Partner of Kynikos Associates.
  • Markets rallied on the announcement by the U.S. Trade Representative office that certain items were being removed from the new China tariff list and others would be delayed until mid-December.
(I wonder if anyone will bother to read this version or will the ignorati crowd continue with thier collective heads buried in the sand???)