100 Humans


Smarter than the average bear
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An 8 episode series about human nature. Presented in an entertaining manner. Some of the results from the test group are unexpected, while other results are predictable.

Given an unlimited number of questions about humans, this show could have run for 100 episodes. Many times they have to give a false premise for the test, in order to not tip their hand about what they really desire to study. They get people to watch paint dry by telling them to look for any color change. Another good test was how interesting people find a public speaker. The same person uses different accents to tell the same story to 3 different groups.

The idea behind 100 Humans is that the same group of 100 nameless people who are “dressed like they just got out of rehab” are subjected to experiments that try to derive some answers on human behavior. Hosts Alie Ward, Zainab Johnson and Sammy Obeid conduct the experiments, provide some snarky commentary in voice over and interview experts that can comment on why we’re seeing certain results from the various experiments.