15 Lucky Things You Probably Didn't Know About Leprechauns


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1. Leprechauns are fairies.
2. There aren’t any female leprechauns.
3. There’s a leprechaun colony in Portland, Oregon.
4. Sometimes they are red.
5. They have a troublesome cousin.
6. Leprechauns are the bankers and cobblers of the fairy world.
7. They’re sneaky.
8. But they can be generous if you’re kind to them.
9. Someone claims to have found the remains of an actual leprechaun.
10. Leprechauns are protected under European law.
11. Some accounts say leprechauns can live underwater.
12. They might have a divine heritage.
13. Leprechaun means “small body.”
14. You can pretend to be a leprechaun for a good cause.
15. You can make your own leprechaun trap.


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Number 5 - are they referring to the Clurichaun? He's just an alcoholic.

Also sporting red is the rambunctious clurichaun, a mythical creature that shares many characteristics with the leprechaun. These beings are always described as drunk and surly. They are often seen in stories riding animals at night, or clearing out entire wine cellars. Some accounts explain these troublemakers as the night-form of leprechauns; after a hard day’s work, the bearded fairies get so tipsy that they become an entirely different species. Other stories describe them as a close relative to the leprechaun.

Miggy's a clurichaun enabler. :drama:


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:lmao: No, he's not a mean drunk. He's only mean if you don't keep a stocked liquor cabinet or share your wine with him or insult him. Then he can be quite nasty. If you have one, and you keep him well stocked, :lol: then he'll be the guardian of your home and protect it and you. I think leprechaun's are grouchy and "surly". They don't like humans much and will play mean practical jokes on you and grumble at you.

As a kid though I always wanted to have a brùnaidh, brownie. I still leave food out for one, just in case.

Ahh, the joys of Grandmothers and their stories. :lmao: