16 Year Old Illegal Alien Kills Alabama Schoolteacher


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Last Thursday, an illegal alien in Mobile, Alabama crossed a highway median and killed a local private schoolteacher in a head-on collision. The alien, 16 years old, was initially denied asylum upon crossing the Mexico-Arizona border in 2017 but was nonetheless free in the nation's interior despite his having also received a final deportation order. Commentator Daniel Horowitz summarizes the incident at Conservative Review:

Sonya Jones, a schoolteacher in a Christian academy in Mobile, Alabama, was killed on Monday when an illegal alien from Guatemala hit her head-on after crossing the center line of a local highway. Domingo Marcos, 16, is a poster child for what is going on now at the border. He came here in 2017 claiming asylum at the Arizona border, as encouraged and coached by the smugglers. He was, of course, denied asylum and issued final deportation orders. But as I reported earlier this week, there are over one million illegal aliens in this country with final deportation orders who still remain in this country, and very few of them are being deported. Marcos was one of 129,000 Guatemalans with final orders who remain here, and now a popular schoolteacher has paid the price with her life. Marcos was arrested when he was caught fleeing the scene of the accident.


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As long as you set one foot in this country, you are entitled to a hearing.
We have thousand upon thousands setting that foot.

We cannot build enough jails to hold them until their hearing, so we turn them loose in this country
Once loose they are free to go where they please until their hearing.
Trying to find them all is like looking for a needle in a haystack and they aren't stupid enough to show up for their hearing.

Even if deported they come back the next day or the next week.

We need to stop this hearing BS and turn them around the day they are caught.


It still doesn’t compare to the number of so-called legal Americans shooting up establishments.