1986 Cyberpunk Anthology Mirrorshades


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I remember how excited I was to get Mirrorshades when it came out in 1986. It's an anthology of short science fiction stories, edited by Bruce Sterling. Authors include William Gibson, Tom Maddox, Pat Cadigan, Rudy Rucker, Marc Laidlaw, James Patrick Kelly, Greg Bear, Lewis Shiner, John Shirley, Paul Di Filippo, Bruce Sterling, Lewis Shiner.

For lack of a better word, the stories can be considered "cyberpunk."

For some reason, the book is out of print. Used copies on Amazon start at $90, and there's no e-book version. However, Rudy Rucker (whose story "Tales of Houdini" is featured in Mirrorshades) has put the entire book online, on a single webpage. Get it here!



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I have a 1st printing of the paperback of john Shirley's 1st novel.

Page on his site about his love for and collaborations with Blue Öyster Cult.


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Pretty sure I've got Neuromancer on the shelf, along with who knows what else :) Only book I've ever lost was a signed copy of "Best of All Possible Worlds". Here's how someone describes it on Amazon. Absolutely amazing collection.

"Spider Robinson picked his favorite short stories from each of his favorite authors - not the most popular or the ones with the most awards, just the best according to him, the ones he really loved.
He then wrote an introduction for each one of these stories, explaining, in his refreshing style, who the writer is, why he picked this particular story and how did the author reacted to his choice. Yes - and that's how this book develops a parallel anthology - he also contacted each of the authors and asked each one of them to pick one of their favorite stories by someone else and write an introduction for it.
When asked to handle this project by Jim Baen, Ace's science fiction editor, Spider Robinson recalls, in the foreword, how he "was drooling" at the idea and said "My favorite stories plus my favorite writers' favorite stories ? Christ, that sounds like the best of all possible worlds." "Yeah," (said Baen) "that's my working title."