1998 C2500 4L80e Transmission Has 3rd Gear and Reverse Only


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The final chapter comes to a close. The refurbished ECM from Flagship One was installed after work yesterday, and after the tedious process of disarming the PassKEY system, the truck roared to life. After letting it warm up for 2-3 minutes. I shut it down and checked the ECM for codes with none found! Drove from Boomerangs down to Weis and back going through all the shift points, shut it down, rechecked codes, and again none found. I declare my truck is fit for service again. Once again, I proved to myself that if I had purchased the most expensive part first, I would've saved myself a lot of work and heartache. Today I have to hitch a ride over the bridge and retrieve my work horse. Life is good...
:yay: I love a happy ending