2014 Breeding Season is coming...


A horse of course!
SOMD Classified ad number 52798
If you're considering breeding your gaited (or non-gaited mare), we have several well bred, smooth gaited stallions, two of which whose color guarantee is icing on the cake for their foals!

The boys are Registered/Certified to Breed Rocky Mountain Horses with spectacular pedigrees and gorgeous conformation that results in a ground covering smooth as silk glide-ride, perfect for long days of trail riding PLUS the added bonus of that super sweet people pleasing temperament that Rockies are best known for!

When breeding a non-gaited mare to a Rocky, your foal has that little extra spring to its gaits that give you a SUPER smooth ride, so you don't have to post the trot (yes they trot!) and the rider can easily stay seated at the canter!

When breeding a mare from any other gaited registry, your gaited foal can be registered/certified with the KMSHA.

QV McFlurrey (Cremello) guarantees you a BUCKSKIN or PALOMINO foal (the $350.00 stud fee is an introductory price for the local ladies).

Jolly Joe (Chocolate/white) guarantees you a Chocolate with a White mane/tail or Silver Bay with a white mane/tail foal.

Champagne Troubadour (Silver classic Champagne) is available for a very limited time prior to being exported to Europe and sires black, Amber or Classic Champagne or chocolate/white foals.

Our boys promise to bring color to your field and your beautiful foals right into your pocket and your heart. Limited booking space, so please book early for the 2014 breeding season. Multiple mare discounts considered.


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