3 Children Reel In 65 pound Giant Catfish



AC/DC said:
What's their cut going to be?

The usual - its a team... there's a bets 5 lb weight total cash prize, a biggest catfish prize, a best kids catch prize (I think??) and then there's my prize (best female catch prize).... :diva: It's fun but tiring around 1am-5am... and it depends on the weather too and no one is allowed off the boat or your team is disqualified. (As I found out -- beer is probably not the best of beverages for this allnighter... :lol:). The bait they used was chad... last I recall it was illegal in MD to use chad so I didn't bring any -- a cooler full of all kinds of baits but no chad. Come to find out its legal to use chad in VA... :banghead: Are you and kids thinking about joining us this year? :shrug: :huggy: