3 Fantastic, Affordable First 1911 Pistols


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Great first 1911 pistols

There are a lot of 1911 pistols on the market, in many different configurations, at many different price points. That’s because John Moses Browning’s design is a certified masterpiece, a masterpiece. But with so many options, choosing your one can make your head spin.

So let’s stick to something easy:

What are three great starter 1911 pistols for the first-time buyer? Three solid guns, that don’t cost too much, that can get a person into the platform and hopefully show them why JMB’s meisterwerk has remained so popular for all these years?

With the plethora of pistols on the market, there are many, many good candidates, but we’ve tried to keep it simple and present three excellent ones for your consideration.



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I don't know anyone who has a RIA or DE version but I'd disagree with the authors listing of the Remington version. I have not heard anything good about that model and know a coupel of folks that quickly got rid of it in favor of one of my two favorites.

I'd have put the Springfield Armory GI Spec. or Range Officer on there for a first 1911 purchase. Alternatively, one of the SIG GSRs.

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Colt, money well spent.
Next would be a Sig scorpion and if i had to ghetto, a Canada Para Ordnance Ultra...