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Secretariat was put down on October 4, 1989 due to an incurable foot condition. Besides watching on TV with an OMG face at the Belmont, I was at the Preakness for the 2nd leg of the triple crown. I was a somewhat degenerate that loved the horse tracks, didn't bet much but enjoyed all the people, good and bad, that hung around the track. What Secretariat did in the first turn at Pimlico was something I had never seen in a race, he broke last and in the first turn went wide and passed every horse in the race in the space of 200-300 yards which was something I had never seen before in a race of the Preakness length due to the incredibly tight turns there. I've witnessed last minute football wins, no hitters, last second b-ball wins but nothing came close to watching that horse run and what he did to win the tripe crown in horse racing.



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Ahh...the Preakness parties of old... Between the Indy 500 parking field and infield parties (long gone now, both), the Preakness, and the Governoer's Cup, it's a miracle my liver survived the 70s and 80s. Oh..and throw on top of those my annual pig roast blowout.