A Deep Dive into Mass Shooting Data (Rachel Maddow Hardest Hit)


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For some of the shootings, I have listed the “likely” race of the shooter. This is based largely on demographic city information and the race of known victims. Example: If eight people were shot in a neighborhood that is 93% black, all identified victims are black (and no MAGA hats are recovered), it would strongly suggest the shooter is black. Also, if a white guy shot eight black people, Don Lemon would be unable to contain his glee and you’d hear about it—again and again and again,…


30.5 black or likely black shootings (67.7%)

7.5 Hispanic or likely Hispanic shootings (16.6%)

2 white or likely white shootings (4.4%)

1 Muslim (2.2%)

4 too little info to make a call (8.8%)

(Reminder: one shooting had two shooters, one black and one Hispanic)

Mass shootings in March don’t fit the liberal narrative, but Rachel Maddow is still pushing it, hoping for it to be true. Soon. Hopefully next month Rach.



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This gives me an idea, why dont we flood the market in the ghetto with duds or ammunition that just had the powder forgotten....


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Or better yet... Quadruple Charged with an oversized slug.
I've forgotten who it was, exactly, but I recall that overcharged ammo would be loaded and left to be scrounged up by opfor...making their rifles self destruct.