A Democrat Virginia state senator has been charged with two felonies for her involvement in the destruction of a Confederate monument


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Man Hit by Toppled Confederate Statue Last Year Suffering From Traumatic Brain Injury

Last spring when the radical left was toppling historic statues around the country, a man named Chris Green was severely injured when a falling statue landed on his head in Virginia.

Green suffered a coma and now has had to relearn to walk and eat. He lost sight in one eye, hearing in one ear, and saddest of all, can no longer remember the childhood of his own kids.

No one has been held accountable for this.

Ah the conflict .... Idiots get what they deserve ... but the family stuck caring for this man's stupidity
Gen Lee got another one!


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Black Virginia Police Chief Fired For Charging Prominent BLM Vandals And Public Officials

Back on June 10th in Portsmouth, Virginia, a large group of protesters decided to tear down and destroy a Confederate monument located in that city. An investigation was launched, led by Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene. After collecting video from the event and conducting interviews for two months, Greene announced in August that charges were being filed against 19 people who had been involved in the destruction. Police were seeking 13 more people who had yet to be identified. In the process, one of the protesters was severely injured when the statue was pulled down on top of them by his accomplices. That was also being investigated separately.

You might think that would be pretty much the end of the story, but it wasn’t. Among those arrested was State Sen. Louise Lucas, several leaders of the local Black Lives Matter movement, officials from the NAACP, and a member of the local school board. Since several crimes had obviously been committed, you might think that Chief Greene (who is Black, by the way) would be lauded for holding all citizens, regardless of their status accountable. You would be wrong, however. Howls of protest emerged not only from the community but from elected officials. Yesterday the situation came to a head and Chief Greene was unceremoniously fired. (NBC News)
Well clearly Chief Greene was a white supremacist practicing whiteness.