A Florida man


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A black man in Florida kills 2 white men with baseball bat.

In his picture he looks indifferent ,because he is indifferent. He doesn't care , he has no conscience,he is one of thousands in this country who march for black lives matter. These are the lives that matter to them. The lives of criminals. They march for a criminal who was wrongfully killed by a police officer. The police officer was wrong and every white person that watched the video said so ,but they rioted and marched anyway. They took an incident where people were on their side and they turned it into an incident where they proved themselves idiots. Who will march and riot for these 2 white men killed by this criminal?


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This wouldn't make national news unless it was about 2 cops shoot and kill black motorist with baseball bat.
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Good thing that couple in St Louis was armed. Unarmed, they may have ended up like the people in the original story.