A juicy Chicken Breast on the grill


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I was hoping for more choices here - got breasts myself that I need to do something with this week...
I marinate boneless chicken breast in seasoned milk for minimum of 2 hours and even overnight when time allows.

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I marinate boneless chicken breast in seasoned milk for overnight when time allows.
I do that with fish going on the grill, I add maybe 10 shakes of Tabasco to the ziplock.
It doesn't make it hot and the vinegar helps break it down and clean up the gamey.....
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I marinade mine for an hour minimun in olive oil and lemon or lime juice and whatever seasonings I'm in the mood for. I have an infrared grill that gets very hot, so I usually do them on med heat so they go a little slower and don't dry out as bad.
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Seasoned milk? Care to elaborate?
I dump milk in a ziploc bag (doesn’t take a lo just enough to soak chicken) add whatever seasoning suits my mood. My fav is Nashville hot w/dill and add some pickle juice. But you can go Italian, Mexican, Oriental etc. You do not taste/notice the milk after cooking. It adds the needed flavor from your choice of seasoning and moisture to balance out the grill cooking.