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Filmmaker Russ Meyer became a wealthy and famous porn producer by combining his skills as an Army Signal Corps photographer with a lifelong lust for women with "cleavage cantilevered." Dubbed "King Leer" for his soft-core, often cartoonishly carnal classics such as "Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!" and "Vixen!," Mr. Meyer, 82, died Sept. 18 at his home near Los Angeles. He had dementia.</NITF>

<NITF>Slick-haired and mustachioed a la Clark Gable, Mr. Meyer was an unmistakable personality and a truly independent filmmaker. He made a fortune in his skin trade by writing, shooting, editing, directing and producing two dozen low-budget movies featuring well-endowed women who were, in his view, exemplars of feminist values.
ELAINE: (to the waitress) Could we get a little more? (she doesn't listen and walks away) Aghh... You know ever since this new owner took over, the service here is *really* slow.

JERRY: Yeah. Have you noticed anything else that's different since the new management?

ELAINE: Mmm. They're putting a little lemon in the tuna. I love that.

JERRY: Beside that. Look at the waitresses.

ELAINE: Yeah? (we see that all the waitresses have big breasts)

JERRY: What physical characteristic would you say is common to all of them?


JERRY: I mean look at this. Every waitress working here has the same proportions. Wouldn't you say?

ELAINE: Yes, I would say.

JERRY: What's going on here. How is that possible?

ELAINE: Do you think it's a coincidence?

JERRY: No. I haven't seen four women like this together outside of a Russ Meyer film.

(the waitress finally came with the coffee)

ELAINE: (to the waitress) Hi. Excuse me. Who does all the hiring waitresses here?

WAITRESS: He does. (pointing to the manager, Mr. Visaki) In fact we're looking for another girl if you know anyone. (she walks away)

ELAINE: You know what? That's discriminatory. That is unfair. Why should these women have all the advantages? It's not enough they get all the attention from men, they have to get all the waitress jobs, too?

JERRY: Hey that's life. Good-looking men have the same advantages. You don't see any handsome homeless.