ACLT- Hance-Chesley Cemetery


Throwing the deuces
Came across this on my trail walk yesterday. Heard about it and wanted to see it for myself. Very creepy yet cool, especially since the Hance Family is still pretty well known in Calvert Co.

Found this info about the cemetary online.

Just off the Swamp Trail, the Hance-Chesley Cemetery is the final resting place for at least eight people. The earliest burial was in 1812. There are some red-colored stones on the site that are not native to the area. Local tradition is that these mark the graves of servants, stillborn children or those not in the family’s good graces, according to a historical summary provided by ACLT and the Calvert Garden Club.

All but two of the people buried in the Hance-Chesley cemetery bear the Hance name. Y.D. married into the Chesley family, as he was married twice. The two exceptions are sisters who are buried next to him. The two Chesleys in the cemetery are John Chesley and Dr. James Chesley. It’s not clear how the two Chesleys are related to the Hances.