Air Force Rock Band Releases Music Video


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AIR FORCE DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON -- Max Impact, the premier rock band of the United States Air Force, released a new video worldwide Feb. 29 featuring their original song “Send Me.”

The video integrates footage of the amazing Airmen from Air Force Special Operations Command.

“Send Me” began as a request from within the Special Tactics community when an AFSOC Airman saw one of Max Impact’s high-energy performances. The AFSOC member wanted to highlight the courage and selfless service demonstrated daily by members of the Special Tactics community.

Drawing inspiration from the Special Tactics motto “First there … that others may live,” the exciting original song and video tell the story of these highly-trained Air Force professionals and highlights their commitment and sacrifices.

Master Sgt. Ryan Carson, lead vocalist for Max Impact and co-author of the “Send Me” song, said it was written to honor, encourage and inspire Special Tactics Airmen. “Whether a combat controller, pararescueman, tactical air control party or special operations weather team--these Airmen exemplify the warrior ethos and the Air Force core values of integrity, service and excellence," Carson said.

For more information about Max Impact or The United States Air Force Band, visit The United States Air Force Band - Home.


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In the mid eighties the band from Skivvy Nine was the Pacific Theater Tops In Blue champion. They played every Friday at the lounge for us. They were terrific!


I hate screaming music!! If you can't sing, then don't. Screaming sounds so angry.
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Just perusing some older threads and saw the video "Send Me". I'd buy a CD like that. Outstanding rock band.