Air Mobility Command Removes Tail Numbers and Unit Info from Planes, Alarming Watchdogs


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"Understandably, we have concerns about the operational security impacts to these missions in the modern era of on-demand, real-time information," Stewart said. "Subdued paint schemes that limit identifiable information is one way we are taking a hard look at how we operate to ensure our ability to continue to deliver for America and our allies and partners around the world."

Air Mobility Command did not disclose other details in its statement, such as how many markings would be hidden on its planes and which ones it will apply to.

"Because of operational security concerns, we cannot provide specifics, though our aircraft will maintain markings as required by law," Stewart said in the provided statement.



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Makes sense.. these days of instant information an evil doer can look up a tail and registration determine model type, and with a little digging figure out what kinds of missions it flies.

knowing it's a C-130 isn't bad, knowing it's a C-130 that flies ground support or intel missions may be..