Am I the weirdo?


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Since I'm an old guy who has always had a slew of hobbies and recreation interests, some of them pretty expensive, over the last 50 years, I've seen many cringeworthy expressions from husbands and significant others about how they have to beg permission, beg forgiveness, grovel and hide, and just generally feel guilty about doing things in life that they truly enjoy. My reaction is still now as it was then: "What kind of moron marries a woman like that???" What kind of moron stays married to a woman like that???"
How many times you been married?

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Cant go to the titty bar.... But you can pay for everything...

Funny crap that some take Marriage Serious!!!!!
Butt have been married more than once.....


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I would love, love, love if my husband went out more and I got to spend some alone time in the house. He is actually supposed to go to a friend's house this weekend for a few hours and the anticipation is killing me. :lol: I will be so disappointed if he doesn't go. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against my husband but he is a talker. I am not. I can't even hear anything we watch on TV because he talks the entire time a show is on. I long to be able to sit in a peaceful house, even for an hour or two. He tells me I will miss him when he is gone (dead) but I told him there is only one way to find out. :whistle::really:


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@vraiblonde I'm 100% with you. My husband has a few hobbies, most are independent - and I'm the same. I love when I get the house to myself. Please - leave and go play elsewhere. I used to enjoy when he'd go on travel so I could clean, have the house stay clean all weekend, make food he doesn't care for, and stay up late binging all the shows he doesn't pay attention to. He never "asks" me to go somewhere, I just ask that he lets me know a general time and place in case something happens. I do the same for him. It changed a little when we had Bubba, but if he takes the day to go work on his car, or if he has to work overtime on the weekend, he usually finds ways to make up for it and take him somewhere/entertain him so I can do my own thing.

we were just reminiscing the other day about when we first started dating - we'd always been homebodies and he would sit and play whatever games and I'd be next to him on the couch reading or doing puzzles, etc. In our own worlds but next to each other. Now I'm glad he has his own office for gaming and I read in bed to the sounds of his c-pap machine. :love:


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My husband, though not terribly social, is a pilot and spends a lot of time flying his plane and working on it at a hangar we rent. Though sometimes I wish he were more enthusiastic about things that need done around the house and yard, I generally don't give him $hit for the time he spends with his Mooney. He is a very happy person when he's been committing aviation!
He left yesterday on overseas travel and I have begun the process of decluttering, deep cleaning the kitchen and settling in for the time alone; which I love.