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The old man and I have decided to ditch the kids for one weekend in April for our Anniversary. Does anyone have any suggestions on nifty places to go (that is within a couple hours driving distance). I was thinking either DC or Annapolis, or maybe the Inner Harbor up in Baltimore.

And before anyone screams Lame OH! LOL, we've been all over the place already and just want to stick close to home this year.



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Really close is Brome-Howard Inn in St. Mary's City and then there is always St. Michaels, MD.


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Originally posted by vraiblonde
Yes - come up here to Thurmont and stay in the Reagan Cottage at the World Famous Cozy Inn.

Then while you're here, Larry and I will take you on a pub crawl!

Oh wow! How cool! The Reagan room would be so fitting! LOL!
And why does it not surprise me that the Kennedy room has a bidet! :rolleyes: :roflmao:


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The Carriage Inn looks way cool! How were the people who ran the B&B's you listed Rose? I've been to some where the owner's are kinda flaky!


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Its kinda funny, we find them by accident! We found the Carriage Inn and Meander Inn that way.

The proprieters of the Carriage Inn were very, very nice. While chatting with them at breakfast, turns out he was retired and knew my old boss at Pax River. Small world. We also ate dinner at a place they recommended, the Yellow Brick Bank, it was very good!

We found the Meander Inn one weekend we decided to go wine tasting and unbeknownst to us, it was also graduation at the University in Charlottesville, so we had to travel away because there were no rooms anywhere to be had in town. Very nice and quiet place. We stayed in one of the guest cottages and not in the actual house. Can't remember where we ate dinner. The propriators recommend a place that was good.

Edgewood Plantation I went to last April with my sister and another friend. We ditched the hubby's and kids for a Mommy's weekend away. It looks just like the web site, there is SOOOO much stuff to look at, you will never see it all! The husband and wife that run the place are sooo very nice and warm people. She is a bit eccentric, but not in a bad way at all. He is very laid back and easy to talk to. Beautiful house, we had the top third floor all to ourselves.

Magnolia Moanor is another in Williamsburg, we fell into.

The other I have stayed at were nothing to special or in California.

Good Luck!


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Really Rose? the one is williamsburg sounds wonderful. :smile: I was going to recommend williamsburg to you Christy. Lemme look into it and see what I can find.

These are in the annapolis area:

The Annapolis Inn Rates: $250 - $375 (this one you can book online)

Jonas Green House B&B Rates: $115 - $160

Georgian House Bed and Breakfast Rates: $140 - $185

55 East Bed and Breakfast Rates: $140 - $160

That might help too...I went to and looked em up. I just picked the ones above that looked cozy and quaint from the pictures. *shrugs* There are more on there. Just go under 'where to stay' on and then go down about half way and you will see 'Tired of Hotels?' and it will say B & B
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