Another T-Storm Watch


Having a Beer while the world burns!
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Had a thunderclap so loud in leonardtown this morning it activated my alarm system cameras via motion detection.

recieved a half dozen vid clips before it calmed itself.
I was diggin' it this morning. Started rumbling early, and continued on and off for hours. I just kept rolling over and going back to sleep. Great morning to sleep in.


Started hearing it in PF around 415AM this morning. Finally left the house a few minutes before 5AM with some thunder/lighting and just a hint of rain. I guess I drove into it heading north up 4 onto 2 (or merged into it). Decent rain and a lot of lightening all the way up past Annapolis. Made for a cool sunrise where the light started to peek through as you could really see the detail in the dark clouds behind me.


God bless the USA
We, finally got a thunderstorm with rain which was much needed; going on now. It was like Olney was a desert surrounded by a rain forest. My veggie garden is very happy.