Any aquatic Turtle people out there?


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I have a 55 gallon tank with one Red Eared Slider, and one Yellow Belly slider. Both of them are small. I don't feed them in this tank, other than providing feeder fish. I take the turtles out to feed them pellets. I had a turtle before for 23 years. I know that the filtration system should be a larger than normal for that size tank. I've looked all over the place for Turtle Tank Filtration, and there are many to choose from. What filter would you recommend? Right now, I have 2- 60 gallon submersible filters that do a decent job, but I'd like to get a better one.


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Wow the things you learn just by reading the forums. Never heard of a Turtle tank filtration system. I have been edumacated.

Seriously Roman - good luck with the turtles.