Anyone Bowhunting?


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Opener is this Saturday...anyone going to the woods this weekend? I'm looking forward to getting out there, but I'm not looking forward to the chiggers!



Someone told my boyfried is you take Sulfur powder, put it in a sock and dust you pants legs, etc... you won't get chiggers. So far it has worked for him.

I couldn't make it out Saturday, but I'll be out there this afternoon hopefully!!!

Did you have any luck??


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Yes, I had some luck with the "hunting" part, but not the "harvesting" part!

Had a doe pop out of the underbrush about 15 yards from my treestand, but she never presented an good vitals shot, so I let her go. I only want to take the best shots - vitals broadside or quartering away.

Anyway, she stayed around facing right toward me and never moved, until she did a quick turn and went back the way she came.