Anyone used Quality Auto Body?

Someone rear ended my Challenger Scat Pack and so I need to get it repaired. My usual auto body guy is not as convenient for me anymore since we moved to St. Marys several years ago and is not one of State Farms partner auto body places. While I could take it anywhere, if I take to a shop that isn't a partner I have to take it to State Farm's collision center first for them to do an estimate. The check engine light is on which I suspect is just the emissions sensors since the exhaust was damaged but I'd rather not drive it any further than necessary. A friend suggested Quality Auto Body in Mechanicsville. All the auto body posts I searched seemed to be a few years old and so I wanted to find out if anyone here had any experiences with them recently.
No experience with Quality, but I do recommend PJs on Great Mills Road, if they are in your network.


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I've used them twice now...

About 4 years ago I used them when we hit a deer and had roughly 6k in damage to my new vehicle. They did a great job on the repairs... but it took forever to get the work completed...I hit the deer the day before thanksgiving and the repairs were not completed until the day before new years. By that time I had run out of my rental through my insurance so it was super inconvenient to be down a vehicle.

Then I used them about 4 months ago. I slid into a pole and had some side damage to my truck. I took it to them for an estimate so I could decide whether or not I wanted to file a claim. The estimate came back at almost 5k in yea I decided to go through insurance. When I contacted them and gave them my claims information they sent a new "updated" estimate to the insurance company...that was for about $4200 in repairs. They adjusted labor hours, new parts w/ used, etc... to get the estimate lower. When I called and asked why the discrepancies I was told that she made those to keep my vehicle from being a total loss. Needless to say I was not happy and asked to speak to the owner who sent over the original estimate. I understand wanting to get the work but fudging estimates is pretty crappy way to go about it.


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I had them do my repair after a guy turned in front of me and took my right front fender out. Did a great job and fast with good communication throughout the repair. Would recommend them highly.


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I had them fix my 2002 Grand Prix about 3 years ago this December after a couple of crotch rockets cut in between my wife and another car on the Hughesville bypass, she panicked and turned into the guard rail underneath Homeland Dr. and messed the whole drivers side of the car. My insurance company suggested Quality and the adjuster who came out really worked with us to not total the car. Our car was in excellent shape garage kept and only had 70,000 miles for a car that was about 11 years old. The repairs came to about $4,300 and the car was ready in 2 weeks. They had to really look around to find used parts to fix it. When I got the car back, it looked great and Steve and the guys did a excellent job. The paint was a great match for not a common color, its kind of a turquoise blue/green shade. I would definitely go back to them again.