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Sometimes the greenies, in their zeal to save the planet, overlook the basics. This is from a FB post about recycling around the house to reduce waste. Last I knew releasing freon in to the air was not good.



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Freon is a name brand refrigerant is the correct term and its bad for the enviroment because the democrats said so and dont you know the stuff created a hole in the would'nt the suns rays come thru the hole and burn up anything they touch or is the hole there for the space shuttle to come thru upon returning to the earth.


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dont you know the stuff created a hole in the ozone...
Volcanic gas contains naturally occurring fluorinated hydrocarbons, there was a large amount of activity from a large volcano on Antarctica.

An atmospheric physicist who worked with my wife was an Ozone Hole sceptic. She said it takes 50 years for ground level air to completely interchange with the stratosphere. Also, due to equatorial wind patterns, it take 200 years for northern hemisphere air to interchange with southern.