AOC - Calls For Radical Gun Ban, Champions Confiscation


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Included in that tweet was a video of liberal New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announcing the new gun control laws.
"This is what leadership looks like," Ocasio-Cortez added.
Sandy Hook happened 6 years ago and we can’t even get the Senate to hold a vote on universal background checks w/ #HR8.

Christchurch happened, and within days New Zealand acted to get weapons of war out of the consumer market.

This is what leadership looks like
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) March 21, 2019
Ardern specifically stated in that speech that the government was going to be confiscating firearms from law abiding citizens. Arden said:
In the meantime, we are asking all current holders of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles to visit There they will find details of the weapons included in this ban. In the next 48 hours, a form will be available on this site that we are asking these gun owners to complete, identifying what banned guns they hold. The police will then arrange for these weapons to be handed over, and eventually destroyed. Details of the weapons handed back by owners that are covered by the ban will also be taken to ensure that fair and reasonable compensation is paid once the buyback is in place. If owners are unable to complete the online form, they are able to contact the police on the phone to arrange the handover of these now-banned guns...
...As the legislation is developed, we will determine the time available for the return of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, and the duration of the buyback scheme. I can assure people that there will be time for the returns to be made, and that they will not be criminalized overnight. After a reasonable period for returns, those who continue to possess these guns will be in contravention of the law. Currently, the penalties for this range from fines of up to $4,000 and or three years in prison. The draft legislation will look to increase these penalties.

-Disarm domestic abusers

I thought this aready was a thing 🤷


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"Ban bump stocks, semiautos, & high cap mags designed to kill people"

?? I thought all firearms were designed to be weapons.


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Well what kind of Government do they have in New Zealand where this woman has the ability to ban and confiscate people's property?
Do they have a legislature that passes laws or does this khunt have dictatorial powers?

This isn't New Zealand.
Cortez, running off at the mouth, needs to study up on our laws and our Constitutional rights.

About the only thing I have seen from her so far is running off at the mouth.
If they want a war Cortez has stumbled on to the one thing that could bring it on.


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If they had things their way, they would do everything they can to abolish the 2A. Both sides act like everything will be okay if certain types of guns are banned. It's not like the guns in question will just disappear - even if they do get banned, they are still out there, ready to use.

Edit: even if they confiscate from 'law-abiding citizens', there are criminals out there who will still have possession of banned guns.