AOC - I’ve been reading docs all week about how much people knew about climate + when.


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D’OH! Rep. Ocasio-Cortez trips hard trip over GND & Dems in rush to slam GOPers for ‘doing nothing’ on climate change

Sen. Markey accused McConnell of trying to “sabotage” the Green New Deal by simply saying he’d bring it to the Senate for an up or down vote. In reality, maybe AOC should be saying something like this:

Sen. Ed Markey says Mitch McConnell is trying to ‘sabotage’ the Green New Deal by calling a vote

As Twitchy reported Tuesday morning, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was making noises that he was considering taking up the Green New Deal for a vote, thus forcing Democrats to put their names behind that mess.

Sen. Ed Markey, one of the co-sponsors of the Green New Deal, claimed in a tweet later in the day that McConnell was trying to “sabotage” the climate change movement by rushing a vote through.



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I have known about climate since I was about ten years old. The one thing I know is that humans do not control it.


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I don't know why the Democrats are upset with McConnell and the vote on GND. If this is such a defining point of departure, and it is the right thing, you would think a Democrat would be Proud, Proud I tell you, to be squarely on the record endorsing this plan.