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My husband's buddies and their wives think I'm weird because I don't mind (and actually encourage) my husband to play golf on weekends or during the week when he can. It's good exercise for him and I can have the house to myself to get some work done, read or watch TV.

Does your spouse get annoyed when you want to play golf or do they welcome to opportunity to kick you out of the house?



I am with you. Get the hell outta the house!

My husbands friends think it is unbelievable when I say so when are you going hunting this year! They said they can never go hunting for days like that without the wife complaining. It isn't like he helps me when he is home anyway! I am waiting for payback. I may want to go to the beach without him and then I will cash in on all the times I have sent him on his way without complaining.

My husband has gone to N.C. to the races without me. Just him and the guys. He does this at least once a year!

I am like go. Please!! Have fun!!! Se ya when you get back. :smile:


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The hubbie doesn't golf, doesn't hunt, and I can't even get him to spend a week fishing with his buddies in Nags Head anymore...I guess he's stuck with me. :wink:


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My hubby doesn't golf, but I do encourage him to go out do whatever with his buddies. He is going to Ocean City for bike week in two weeks, so I get my time alone too. Whatever shall I do with myself??? :biggrin: