Author kills just like he wrote in his books


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The 47-year-old man who shot and killed five people and injured two others during an hour-long killing spree between Denver and Lakewood was previously under investigation by law enforcement, police said at a news conference Tuesday.
Police identified the shooter as Lyndon McLeod and said he knew many of the people he targeted. McLeod opened fire in two tattoo shops, killed a clerk in a Lakewood hotel and hunted two people inside their Denver homes. In a 2018 book connected to McLeod, the author described in detail a fictional murder that closely mirrored one of Monday’s attacks.

Denver, Lakewood shooting spree: 47-year-old man who killed 5 people, injured 2 identified (

In the books, published by a Denver business that, according to public records, the gunman once owned, a main character named "Lyndon James MacLeod" brutally murders people inside a tattoo parlor along the same street as one of the shootings Monday.

The character murders a man named Michael Swinyard and a woman named Alicia Cardenas. He also targets two more people with the same first names of two employees of Cardenas' tattoo parlor, as well as a man with the same full name as another Denver-area tattoo artist who wasn't killed in the attacks. The book also includes characters identified only as "Sarah" and "Danny."

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