Ban the use of Unicru/Kronos and all personality tests for


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Ban the use of Unicru/Kronos and all personality tests for employment

This petition is for the immediate ban of Unicru/Kronos and all personality tests/quizzes for the use of employment applications.

There are many corporations discriminating against millions of hardworking Americans by the use of Unicru/Kronos and other online job submission and personality tests, including Lowe's, CVS, Yum! Brands, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Food City, Kroger, etc.

When you submit an online application via the use of Unicru/Kronos or other personality test type applications, your submission might not even reach the hands of the Hiring Manager for the job you seek. Based upon your "personality test" results, your application is either marked Green, Yellow, or Red. Yellow and Red marked applications never get a job call back and are flagged as "unhireable". They are using your ability to pass a psychology test as a condition of receiving a job offer. These tests are often subjective, pointless, time consuming and discriminatory, especially toward anyone with learning disabilities.

Many companies that participate in Unicru/Kronos and other online personality test applications offer no option of completing an application on-site. They will simply tell you that you need to go to their website, click careers, and by doing that you will apply through the use of Unicru/Kronos. You will be forced to enter your Social Security Number, sometimes even your birth date and forced to take the test, which has 100+- subjective statements you will be told to strongly agree/agree/disagree/strongly disagree to, after which you will be "diagnosed" by the assessment company and the diagnosis reflects whether you're considered hireable or your application thrown out.

This practice needs to END, plain and simple. As job seekers, we should not have to go through a personality test as a condition of employment. Employment should be offered on a first-come, first serve basis and not on the condition that you pass their test. Many of us job seekers have a family to support and can't spend up to an hour filling out a job application for one place of employment.