Bank with Chase and Have a Mortgage with Mr. Cooper?


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Check your bank account....

Homeowners across the country, including eastern Suffolk County, woke up to a shock this morning when they learned their mortgage servicing agency had withdrawn multiple payments from their checking accounts overnight.

Payments to the Texas-based mortgage servicing company known as Mr. Cooper left checking accounts overdrawn and people unexpectedly without access to their money.

Consumers whose mortgages are serviced by Mr. Cooper, a DBA of Nationstar Mortgage, took to Twitter and Facebook to complain and demand answers from the servicing company. They all had similar complaints: They’d been notified by their bank this morning of large overdrafts following the withdrawal overnight of multiple mortgage payments to Mr. Cooper that were neither due nor authorized. They were all customers of Chase Bank.


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Dayum. This is why I shy away from automatic withdrawals and only move money to checking when it's needed. I'd rather try to straighten out an overdraft than have my account emptied. If you've ever ordered from 1-800-flowers, keep a close eye on your accounts.


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Some didn't have auto draft....
She said she doesn’t have automatic payments set up for her mortgage and, in fact, doesn’t even make her payments online.
“I was charged 6 unauthorized mortgage payments and over $7k in overdraft fees from @Chase! IT IS NOT ON AUTOPAY!!!! Its called stealing and that’s f*cking criminal,” tweeted Sean Fierst of Colorado.

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Probably used the same folk that wrote Dominion's vote counting code.