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I sent a group text to all of my employees last night telling them if they sell any gorilla glue to warn the customer it is not for hair, only until we get the next batch in with the new warning label. My manager suggested we put it behind the counter with the tide pods.
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Yes, this warning is a thing on bags of flour. Couldn't believe it first time I saw it.

How many of us have eaten raw choco chip cookie dough?
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Good to know. I have heard of people getting sick when using way out of date Bisquick and cake mixes, so that makes sense.
I store Bisquick in the fridge. I don't use many cake mixes so storing them is not a problem. I buy them when I'm making a specific recipe or my butt is too lazy to make it from scratch. :lol:


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Key word: BAKED. Not half-baked like your tries to get me to deliver said goods to you. Like USPS, I don't deliver. :razz:
But I'm wearing you down...your resistance is weakening and will soon become futile...I WILL get my blueberry bread loaf!...


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Simple solution your honor - it clearly states on the front label: Gorilla Glue.

So unless she can prove she is a gorilla or she was attempting to glue gorillas together, then she was not using the product according to the label.