Being Single During Holidays



Honey.... I always win! :razz2:

Being single is not so bad....

Every situation has it's high points!

I always have someone to take out the trash...

You can watch whatever you want on TV...

So see, it's all good....:smile:


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Re: Family Feuds

Originally posted by Lori
Wow, it sounds like you must have fights about a lot of things.

No, Lori, its just everyone participating in the airing of the grievances during Festivous..


There is nothing wrong with being single it has its drawbacks but here are the good things.

No one to fart on you in bed and then lift the covers up to air out the sheets.

No one leaving their stinky socks all over the house.

No beer cans left.


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i had a great single holiday! i attended several parties, met some nice folks, got out of town for a while, and when i felt like it, i did nothing. another thing i like about being single during the holidays is buying all the cool holiday promotion items, like the bath sets, make up brushes, etc. stuff you don't see on the shelves the rest of the year. i got some nice gifts, bath a body, perfume and lotion sets, a nice framed print that i had been drooling over for some time.


I'm not hearing any of you single people saying you got laid. My god.................what's this State coming too? :howdy:


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Well now about getting laid. It doesn't happen often, maybe once about every three months and with an old boyfriend that never wanted to commit to a relationship. Sad huh.:sad:


Re: Re: Re: Family Feuds

Originally posted by laureng
I hear ya, GEORGE!!

That was, the all time best, bust arse statement this year.... I just couldn't acknowledge it because the BUST was on me..... :cool:

Referring to Otters, Fesitivous comment!